About Artist Gabe Schillman

Gabe Schillman is professional portrait artist residing in Newaygo, MI. With a lifetime of influence in the arts, Gabe found his comfort in portrait art in his 30s. Opening "Studio 37 Arts & culture Center" in 2016; a full time working studio that featured gallery space as well as studio space for other working artists, Gabe provided art classes to the community and also worked with various local organizations in the field of therapeutic arts. Working directly with Spectrum Health's support groups, Gabe provided interactive therapeutic arts to Alzheimer, Parkinson's, and Cancer rehabilitation patients. Additionally, Gabe provided elective art classes for Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, working with various aged aspiring artists from around the state of Michigan through virtual learning. Gabe's wildly popular and collectible portraiture has been the proud feature of museums, businesses, municipalities, and homes across the country. His live demos draw crowds of curious onlookers, always excited to watch a portrait come together before their eyes. Gabe's portraiture features his signature abstract backgrounds and his loose, yet refined, freehanded portraits; often featuring dramatic and bold white light accents and a strong emphasis on the subject. 

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